We are glad to offer you dishes of Russian home-made cuisine. Here you can taste both classic dishes and new trends in national cooking. Dishes prepared according to homemade recipes of locals. Even such an experienced gourmet will be surprised by the combination of traditions and new trends.

All guests of the Guest house Babinov can taste our soft drinks absolutely free. You can enjoy freshly - brewed coffee, natural Willow - herb tea or fruit juice while reading books in the living room or watching the coniferous forest on a terrace in the garden. You can also enjoy them either at the bar or in the room.  Moreover, hot soft drinks can always be taken away.

You can always order lunch, dinner and even a banquet in advance by phone or at the reception. You can have a meal in a bar, summerhouse, bath or terrace. Orders are taken till 20:00. At night, we offer snacks. We have a special kids' menu for little guests.

Local manufacturer Kosminsky Gostinets provide us with Willow-herb tea. You can also buy traditional Russian tea, jam and syrups made out of pine and cedar cones. It is also possible to visit a tea production excursion. For more information, please ask our manager.

We offer all our guests the clear drinking water extracted from the local key as a compliment. Water underwent necessary testing and is healthy for drinking. There is a water safety certificate at the reception. With the certificate it is always possible will examine on the respeshena. We should not pay for drinking water in the country which is rich on Baikal.


Types of breakfasts

City breakfast

Choose between: fried eggs, scrambled eggs, omelet or boiled eggs with ham, cheese, fresh vegetables and a toast. The breakfast also includes home-made pancakes with sour cream or condensed milk. We offer different drinks: fresh coffee, hot tea or fruit juice as well.

Country breakfast

Rice or oat porridge made with water or milk. The breakfast also includes home-made pancakes with sour cream or condensed milk.  We offer different drinks: fresh coffee, hot tea or fruit juice as well. 

Breakfast to go

Sandwich, with ham, cheese and vegetables, pancakes packed into the food-box, and hot drinks in special takeaway cups.

If you stick to a certain diet — we will definetely choose a suitable breakfast for you too.

If you stick to a specific diet  we will definitely find the right breakfast for you.

Breakfast is included for our guests. Breakfast is arranged at any time convenient for you. You can have breakfast on the first floor, in your room or take it away. It is possible to have breakfast on the first floor, at himself to the room or to take a breakfast with itself. Choose the type of breakfast.


We are glad to offer our menu combining modern dishes and traditional dishes of the Ural village.


Vegetables from our garden (150 gr.)                                                 Tomatoes, cucumbers, red pepper, celery, garden radish


Grandmother's pickles (100 gr.)                                                          Pickles and tomatoes, sauerkraut, pickled mushrooms


Cheese plate (200 gr.)                                                                     

Home-made cheeses: home-made goat cheese, mozzarella, hard cheese, honey, walnut


Snack from tomatoes (120 gr.)                                                             With home-made mozzarella, herbs and Pesto sauce


Bruschetta with home-made cream cheese and herbs  (120 gr.)                                                      

Meat plate (200 gr.)                                                                   

Beef tongue, baked ham, chicken roll with spicy carrots and horse-radish


Lightly salted salmon (150 gr.)                                                           

With homemade croutons


Herring (200 gr.)

With jacket potatoes

150 RUB



100 RUB




450 RUB




280 RUB



180 RUB



450 RUB

330 RUB



280 RUB


Garlic Croutons with Tartar Sauce (150/50 gr.)    


Vegetables in tempura (150/50 gr.)          


Tempura Squid rings with spicy sauce (150/50 gr.)         


Cheese balls with creamy sauce (100/30 gr.)    

From deep-fried home-made mozzarella


Pyramid of tomatoes,

an eggplant and home-made cheese (150 gr.)

Baked with spicy herbs


Mini patties with liver (150/200 gr.)

Аnd beef broth  

Mini pies with salmon (150/200 gr.)                    

And salmon broth

200 RUB

280 RUB

360 RUB

320 RUB

380 RUB

280 RUB

340 RUB


Vegetable (180 gr.)  

Fresh combination of tomatoes, garden radish, cucumbers, stalks of a celery and red onions with olive oil dressing 


Olivier with beef tongue (170 gr.)   


Original (180 gr.)

Mix of potatoes, fresh and pickled cucumbers with shrimps and salted salmon


Greek with home-made sheep cheese (180 gr.)            


Spicy Salad (170 gr.)

With boiled pork, sweet pepper, green beans with spicy dressing



Nourishing salad (180 gr.)          

With home-made pancakes and ham


Sea salad (170 gr.)

Shrimps, tomatoes, quail eggs        

320 RUB





360 RUB

460 RUB




380 RUB

360 RUB



320 RUB

440 RUB


"Solyanka" spicy meat and vegetable soup (300 ml.)


''Ukha'' with salmon and pike perch (300 ml.)         


Borsch on meat broth (300 ml.)   

With garlic pampukhs 


Gentle salmon cream soup (300 ml.)           


Chicken broth (300 ml.)          

With quail eggs and home-made noodles


Mushrooms cream soup (300 ml.)        

With the crispy toasts

320 RUB

420 RUB

300 RUB

410 RUB

240 RUB

380 RUB


Steamed beef (200 gr.)

Homemade recipe


Baked ham grilled with horseradish sauce (200 gr.)


Tongue stewed in milk (200 gr.)

Baked with mushrooms and homemade cheese


Home-made Pelmeni (150/150 gr.)   

Hand-made with broth and sauce 


Vareniki with Potatoes and mushrooms  (180 gr.)       



Pork neck steak (200 gr.)

With grainy mustard and caramelized onions


Stroganoff's liver (180 gr.)

Classic recipe


Salmon steak (180 gr.)

In white wine and fragrant herbs marinade


Pollock with a golden crust (180 gr.)        


Pike Perch fillet (180 gr.)           

Baked with shrimps under cream


Salmon baked in bacon (180 gr.)

620 RUB

480 RUB

520 RUB



340 RUB

280 RUB


480 RUB

320 RUB

620 RUB

280 RUB

460 RUB

620 RUB


Fried potatoes (150 gr.)


Cauliflower in crackers (150 gr.)           


Sauteed vegetables (150 gr.)


String beans (150 gr.)

Fried with bell pepper


Soft mashed potatoes with spinach (150 gr.)            


Boiled potatoes with greens (150 gr.)


Rice with vegetables (150 gr.)    

120 RUB

160 RUB

180 RUB

180 RUB

160 RUB

120 RUB

140 RUB


Ice cream (50 gr.)

Additives: chocolate chips, coconut chips, toppings, syrups


Pancakes with condensed milk (100 gr.)


Pancakes with sour cream (100 gr.)


Pancakes with wild berries (150 gr.)


Season fruits (500 gr.)  

50 RUB

30 RUB

100 RUB

100 RUB


150 RUB

450 RUB

We are happy to offer hot and cold drinks for your dinner. We will help you to get delicious combination of dishes and drinks.


Try our new menu, which includes local speacialities.


Address: 624380, Verkhoturye,

Pervomayskaya, 1A

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Call to book: 8 (922) 111-85-55


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